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Hello again dollies!
School is back this coming Monday and I am doing my best now to keep you posted I hope that you will bear with me if for the upcoming days I will be away again. But still I will do my best to make a post during my free time so don't fret my dear dollies! So for today's review I will be reviewing Etude House's Pearl Extract Mask. 

I bought this one during the opening of Etude House at Market! Market! Since that I don't want to go home empty handed I bought this mask together with the Milk Screw #3 which I will be reviewing as well.
This is the back part of the packaging.

and here is a close up of the description of the product, ingredients and instructions.
Click the image to enlarge
Since that I haven't put a mask for quite some time I decided to buy this one.  There are lots of variants to choose from but this caught my attention because number one its pink and number two it's in pearl and I had a good experience with pearl mask before which you can see HERE. This mask is like your any ordinary mask which is soak in a liquid thing. The smell is also the same with the other mask that I have tried but let's see if this is a good product.  What I look for in a mask is that it will brighten my face and will make my skin soft and supple. As instructed I put this mask on a cleanse face (I used my favorite facial wash the Happy Tea Time in peach) and leave it on for thirty minutes. I felt a tightening and tingling effect while the mask is on. After thirty minutes it's the moment of truth.

 I peel off the mask and see my face in the mirror and here is my judgement. It brighten my face a little and my skin felt soft and smooth. It is not as good as the pearl mask from Tony Moly but it's a good mask. Between the two I will choose the Tony Moly pearl mask because it is much better than this but I am not saying that this product is no good, it is a good mask for its price of Php 58 but I prefer the other one. Overall it is a good mask but not the perfect mask.

THE PRODUCT: Pearl Extract Mask
PRICE: Php 58
PLACE: Etude House Market! Market!
WHEN:  July 28, 2011

  • Affordable
  • Does the job


  • I don't have any complaints with this product

Maybe or maybe not. I want to try the the peel off or wash type mask for now so I guess I won't be buying this type of mask for a while. I recommend this to those who loves wearing mask to de-stress their selves from their busy day.
RATING: I give this product a  3/5
It is a good mask for it's price but it didn't satisfy me.

That's it for today's post dollies!
Till next time and stay beautiful!

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  1. I also have this mask but I haven't tried it yet. Got it as a freebie for purchasing 500Php worth of stuff. hehe. Thanks for the review. I want to try it na! :)

    Oh and btw, the hello kitty vans shoes is 2498Php. :)

  2. THANKS for yr review!! i hot one from my friend forfree and i am going to try this n do a review on this(maybe)


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