Product Review:Etude House Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Review

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Hello again dollies! 
Another review again for today to make up with you dollies! 
For my next review I will be reviewing the Etude House Lip and Eye Makeup Remover 
Since that I am into makeup now I need a makeup remover because you can't just wash off those makeup with just soap and water or facial wash.  So I bought Etude House's Lip and Eye Makeup Remover.

The exact name of this product is Lip and Eye Remover which is kind of funny  If you are stupid enough you will believe that it will remove your lips and eyes literally  kidding aside let's go to the review.

Product Description: Gentle yet highly effective, this double formulated lip and eye remover easily and instantly dissolves all traces of makeup for soothing and moisturizing effect on the sensitive eye and lip area without any irritation.


By the product description, this product sounds promising. This is my first ever makeup remover so I really can't compare it with others but I will give my honest opinion on this product. So let's head to the review.

As soon that I got my hands on this, I kept on using it every time that I am removing my eye makeup. If you notice this product is two toned. The upper part is color blue and this is the oil while the lower part is transparent but I don't know what that is. The packaging is quite cute and kind of sturdy. It is made of a good plastic and doesn't look cheap. Here is the cap of the product.
It has the code and serial number in it
The opening of the product is really good to. It doesn't spill and you can control the amount of product that you need.

The consistency of the product is a mixed of water and oil. It is not that oily and watery so it has a right consistency. The smell is actually good too and it makes makeup removal fun. So let's check how effective the product is. I only have the Oh~ M' Eye Line #2 and Oh~ M' Eye Lash Double up Volume Mascara for my eye makeup (I am still starting collecting makeup) so I can't say how really effective this product is with other makeup. Below I have a swipe of the two products.
Left is the mascara and at the right is the liquid eyeliner.
I let it dry for a few seconds to see how effective the product is. After letting it dry it is the moment of truth. I put an ample amount of the Lip and Eye Makeup Remover in a tissue and swipe it in my hand, and here is what it looks like in one swipe.

As you can see it easily removes the eyeliner even though it leaves a small residue in it while the mascara just smudge.  I swiped it again for 3-4 times and this is what happened.

Yay finally squeaky clean!
It proves that this is a good product and can easily remove eye makeup especially the ones that is made by Etude House as well. It doesn't leave any residues even after I washed my face with my current favorite cleanser.HERE The formula is also moisturizing and it doesn't sting my eyes and no blurring which I actually love. I also tried this on my lips removing the Shawill lip gloss that I have and it removes the product quickly on my lips. It has no taste as well which I really love and moisturizes my lips as well. This is a really good product and it will remove your eye and lip makeup easily especially if you are lazy at night.

THE PRODUCT:  Lip and Eye Remover
PRICE: Php 198
PLACE:  Etude House SM Megamall

  • It's affordable
  • Good packaging
  • Nice Scent
  • Doesn't sting and no blurring
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Moisturizing
  • No taste
  • 2 in 1 product
  • Does the job

I don't have any
I will surely repurchase and recommend it those who loves lip and eye makeup that are looking for a good makeup remover for a good price.

I rate this product a    5/5

This is a really good product for its price. It really does a good job in removing makeup and I don't have any complaints with it. I am satisfied and will repurchase this every time I ran out of this.

Stay pretty dollies!

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