Product Review: Etude House VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505

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Hello again dollies!
Here's another nail polish review from my favorite brand Etude House!  I know you have read on my  other reviews about nail polishes from Etude House and how I hate the lasting power of their polishes but I can't help myself not to buy this pretty polish.  The color is to die for and they really have a lot of good colors!

For today's nail polish review I will be reviewing the VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505

I don''t know the name of this polish so you need to look at the bottom of the bottle to see the product code and in this case this is the BL505.
Click the image for a larger view

I am eyeing for this polish for a long time and finally I got my hands on it. I really love the color and it is so unique.The color is like a combination of blue and purple or something lavender. I won't go into details about the packaging because it is just the same like the other nail polishes from Etude House which I already reviewed before. As for the pigmentation, the product is not that pigmented like the other EH polishes so you need two coats of this product to get the color that looks like on the bottle. Some are having issues about EH polishes staining their nails but fortunately I didn't have problems with that. The staying power is also the same with the other EH polishes that I have tried but I have an issue with this one. When I put a top coat in it (I am using a BNC top coat) the color of the polish tends to be darker which didn't happened on my other two EH polishes. Here is a photo of the polish without a top coat.

See how light the color is?

and this is a photo of the polish with the top coat on it.
Do you see the difference? (Oh I put stickers in this one for my nail art haha)
I hope you can see the differences but it is just a slight difference but I am having a problem with that.  I really want the color that looks like in the bottle which is light but my top coat ruined it! So I decided to buy a top coat from EH to see if there will be a difference and you will find out on my next nail review so stay tuned. Overall, I love this product even though I have issues on it's staying power but it's not bothering me that much since I tend to remove my polish after five days to one week. (I learned my lesson on letting my polish stay for almost two weeks and something really bad happened which I will share with you on my future post.)

THE PRODUCT: VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505
PRICE: Php 48
PLACE: Etude House Market! Market!
WHEN: August 13, 2011

  • The packaging
  • The color
  • The price


  • As usual the staynig power

WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I recommend it to those who remove their polishes often and for those who want to experiment with unique cute colors.
RATING: I give this product a   4/5

THE VERDICT: I love this product and I am really in love with the color. It is not a bad product for it's price.

So there you go another nail post from yours truly.
Till my next post dollies!
Stay beautiful!

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