Product Review:Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Matte no. 1

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Hello again dollies!
For today's review, it's about my first eyeshadow and it's from Etude House.

Sorry for the bad lighting
This is the Petit Darling Eyes Matte no. 1.  This eyeshadow is one of my first Etude House product and I chose this color because I am just new to makeup and I think this is a good color for a natural look.  They have plenty of colors to choose from but I think they just have five colors from this line which is the matte line. For me this is kind of expensive for an eyeshadow because it cost Php 148 while the other single eyeshadow just cost Php 60 plus like from Nichido. Anyway I just bought this in order to avail the membership card and I am just experimenting with makeup when someone bought this for me for my birthday. So moving on with the review.

First let's talk about the packaging. I really love the packaging, it is so princess-y like and it will be a good addition to your collection of eyeshadow. They look great if they are plenty and I am thinking of collecting these even though it is kind of expensive. This is quite small and fits nicely at the palm of your hand. It comes with a flip top cover just like of a compact powder.

It is kind of sturdy and in my opinion, this wouldn't break easily even if you drop it. The powder itself has a really nice texture. It is not chalky and powdery, it is more of a creamy texture which I really love. As you can see there is an engrave of a flower like thing in the eyeshadow and it really looks cute. and the color of it is like a creamy white mocha and it reminds me of a mocha ice cream. The smell of it is like your any ordinary powder and eyeshadow. So for the swatched of this product just see the photo below.
Swatched with my finger (I am really sorry for the bag lighting I did my best to took a picture of it where it shows the true color but I really can't)
It is quite pigmented when swatched but it tends to be light when blended. Here is a photo when swatched at the back of my hand.

let's take a closer look of it shall we?

and this is how it looks like when blended.

Blended it with my fingers
Now do you see what I mean? The color of this eyeshadow tends to get light when blended and it kind of leaves a sparkling finish so it isn't actually a matte eyeshadow. It tends to be washed out easily too I think I just had it on my eyelids for an hour but I guess I have oily lids so that's why. I guess the color will show up if I used an eye primer and it will stay much longer. I guess this eyeshadow is good for highlighting and as a base color on your lids.Anyway it is a cute product and I don't hate it.

THE PRODUCT: Petit Darling Eyes Matte no. 1
PRICE:  Php 148
PLACE: Etude House SM Megamall (Old branch)

  • The packaging
  • Texture


  • Kind of expensive
  • Pigmentation when blended
  • Not really matte

I recommend it to those who loves collecting eyeshadows especially single ones. I will buy these cuties again because I just want to collect these cute lovelies and I guess it will look good on my vanity table.
RATING: I give this product a   2/5

I really love this product for its packaging and texture but the pigmentation and lasting power is not that good. I think I need a primer for this one to have a good color pay off and lasting power.

Till next time dollies!
Stay pretty!

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