Etude House Pre-holiday Sale!

7:28 AM

Hello dollies! 
Another beautiful day for blogging! 
Today I want to share with you a very good news from Etude House. They will be having a Pre-holiday sale! I am so happy and got really excited about the good news! It's been a while since I went to Etude House and I really miss it!  Good thing this sale will be a great opportunity for me to visit Etude again and of course shop for less so yay for that!  Here is the poster of the sale which I took from their Facebook fan page.

The promo will run from September 1- October 15 (Up to 30% off) for Etude House Boutiques and October 1-31 (20% off) on Department Stores.

The bad thing about this promo is that the sale is only applicable on selected items which is written above. But hey it's not that really bad right dollies?So what are you waiting for dollies?  Rush to your nearest and favorite EH store!
Need lot's of money now  hehe I will do my best to save up and make the most out of this great opportunity from EH. I  you EH and you are really the best! 

So stay tuned for more post dollies!
Till next time and stay beautiful! 

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