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July and August Haul

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Hello dollies!
We really have a bad weather today here in the Philippines so to all my fellow Filipinos be sure to take care. Good thing that the electrical power here in our city has resumed so I had the chance to blog now.

You maybe wondering why is it that the title of this post is July and August Haul and it is already September and it is nearing to October.  Well I just want to share with you guys what I bought during the  past few months when I started being interested in beauty stuff so most of the items in this haul is actually my first.
So before this month end I will share with you my July and August haul and my September haul at the end of the month so stay tuned. Actually I am having second thoughts if I will show you my July and August haul because it is so late and it is almost the end of September but still I decided to share with you these dollies because I will be reviewing them as well to help you my dear dollies. So for my July and August haul, here they are:

The image above shows my cosmetic haul and the one below is my skin care haul. So let me introduce you to the products. From my cosmetic haul I got the Shawill 12 color cream eyeshadow, a Nichido eyelash adhesive glue and a Nichido single eyeshadow in Gold Frost. From my skin care haul, I got myself a Veet hair removal cream, Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub, Pure Beauty Essential Eye Cream, Pond's Clear Solution Antibacterial Facial Scrub and Pond's White Beauty naturals day cream. So why did I chose to buy this products?

I bought the 12 palette eyeshadow because it is so affordable and I can use it for my makeup practices. The Nichido adhesive glue and single eyeshadow is for the cosplay that I attended during the month of August. I needed a copper color eyeshadow and I saw the Gold Frost eyeshadow of Nichido and though to myself this is perfect for my cosplay makeup so I bought it together with the adhesive glue haha. For my skin care haul I bought the Veet hair removal cream because I need to remove some hair so that I can wear the costume for my cosplay but ended up wearing a different costume instead. I also bought Asian Secrets body scrub because I want to try a body scrub and I think this is a good product since I am hearing lots of raves about this product so I gave this a try. Then to reduce my dark circles and tired looking eyes, I also decided to buy an eye cream and this Pure Beauty eye cream is one of the cheapest and I heard lots of raves about this product too. I also wanted to try a facial scrub so I gave Pond's a go because this sachet is really affordable and I need to get rid of these pesky zits and oiliness in my face so I hope that this product will work for me.  Then lastly I bought the new Pond's white beauty naturals since Angelica Panganiban is endorsing it. (I really love her!) From the skin care haul, it is actually my first haha It it my first hair removal cream, eye cream, body scrub, facial scrub and moisturizer. I also bought my first toner but I already used it all up so I haven't got a chance to take a picture of it so sorry. but in case you want to know what toner it is, it is also from Pond's and it's the pink one. (Sorry I forgot the exact name) By the way I didn't buy all of these products in one go haha

So there you go my dollies my first ever monthly haul post I promise that I will now post my monthly hauls at the end of the month to keep things organize. I promise to do a review of them as well so just stay tuned dollies.

So that's it for now, take care and stay pretty!

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