About the Blog


This blog is originally made as a beauty blog but then I have decided, why not make it a lifestyle blog instead? So my lifestyle blog was born where I share things that I love and hoping that you will love it as well.

The reviews in this blog are based on my personal opinion and experiences. I am not saying that my reviews here are 100% accurate/effective to you since that we are all different. My reviews will just serve as a guide to the readers and also a second opinion to them.

The photos that has been posted belongs to me unless stated otherwise and last but not the least all the products that I am reviewing was bought by me or by my loved ones unless stated otherwise.

Please ask for my permission first if you want to copy something from this blog. Thank you!

If you can't respect my opinion then please leave.

Thank you for understanding and hope you will enjoy reading my blog and find it helpful as well.

My philosophy in makeup is " I want to keep it simple and easy yet beautiful!"



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