Product Review:Etude House Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch

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Hello again dollies! 
I miss blogging and I miss you all so much!  I am really sorry for not posting for a very long time because I've been really busy not just with school but also at home  To make it up with you guys I will do my best to make lots of reviews today and for the following days to come since I am in my Sembreak so stay tuned! 

For today's review it's the Etude House Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch  

Product description: Formulated with slim tea complex and broccoli, hydro-gel eye patch supplies care to worrisome dark circles and bags for youthful looking eyes.

I have this product for a very long time now and I've used this lately so I guess I am now ready for a review. 
I have really dark under eyes due to sleeping very late  (I have trouble in sleeping sometimes) and I guess it's now time to do something for my very dark under eyes. So for my first step in reducing the darkness in my under eye I tried Etude House's Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch  I bought this one together with the  Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Peach Tea). I was confused on what to buy since Etude House has two Eye Patches and the other one is the Collagen Eye Patch which has a cute girl drawing in the packaging but I bought this one since it has a raccoon on it  (You know how much I love animals) It is really affordable too for only Php 78 you will have a good pair of eye patches.

Here is the back of the packaging where you can see the directions on how to use it and the ingredients.
Hope you can see the ingredients in this picture :)

This is my first time using an eye patch so I am also quite excited on what the product will look like and how will I use it.  So this is how the product looks like 

It consist of a pair of collagen eye patches which is made of a gel like formula that has a double sided tape like film where you remove it to stick to your under eyes.  It is in a clear tray where the product is soak in a liquid substance just like with the mask sheets. The smell of it kind of reminds me of the Johnson's and Johnson's baby powder. By following the instructions at the back of the packaging, I put it on my under eyes and leave it for 15-20 minutes. I really like how the patches stayed in their place and I kind of feel a cooling and relieving sensation under my eye while waiting I just lie down and closed my eyes. (Sorry I don't have pics while wearing the patches my room is kind of dark so I can't take a good picture while wearing it ) Now for the moment of truth  As I remove the patches which is really easy (I thought I will have a hard time removing it cause it sticks so well) I was amazed on how my under eye looks  My under eye looks much brighter and refreshed and I love it!  It didn't remove the puffiness under my eye though but this is not a miracle product  By using this product frequently I guess it will really help in reducing those dark under eyes and eye bags  but I think it will not remove those dark circles by using this alone.This product is really good if you want to de-stress and want to freshen up those tired eyes.

THE PRODUCT: Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch
PRICE: Php78
PLACE: Etude House SM Megamall
WHEN: May 2011 (I can't remember the exact date though)
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT:  It has a really cute packaging, It is really affordable and it works well.
WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: I can't think of anything but I sure wish that it will be much more effective in removing dark circles and eye bags.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I recommend it for those who want to relax and maybe I will buy it again. (I want to try the other one too)
RATING: I'll give this product a   3/5
THE VERDICT: It's a good product for relieving stressful eyes but I guess it will not remove your dark circles permanently.

So there you go dollies! Finally a review after a very long time.
Off to my next review!

Till next time and stay beautiful! 

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  1. I also have dark circles ;A;
    Thank you! c: I'll buy this to reduce them :3

  2. Is it reusable po?


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