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Etude House Mini Haul

1:03 AM

Hello again dollies!

Yesterday I got a chance to visit Etude House again at Market! Market! As usual, really great service and very friendly staff.  I really love visiting the pink store in Market! Market!  My plan is to buy the AC Clinic Red Spot Balm since I want to get rid of those pesky pimple marks  but I saw the Baby Skin Veiling Pact  I really want that lovely powder for such a long time and I was so happy that they have a stock of this already. I am also surprised that there is only one left in the shelf so I just grab it haha  My SA friend told me that they have the new stocks yesterday including the Baby Skin Veiling Pact and I was really surprised that these lovable  powder is really a fast moving item. I also got the Drawing Eye Brow which is also in my list.  I am not planning to buy the nail polish because I want it to buy in my next visit but being in the pink store can really make you go wild and just want to pick up every item that you lay your eyes on . So in impulse again, the cute VIP Girl Nail Polish BL505 went into my cute basket. I got an Aloha Mascara Remover as a freebie since I reach 500+ items.  I am also surprised that they have a new paper bag  Here is a picture of it

Isn't she a cutie and a lovely

I want the cute slippers freebie and I am planning to get that in my next visit. 
So there you go dollies another haul from my favorite brand Etude House 
Till my next post! 
Stay beautiful dollies! 

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