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Etude House Pink Fair 2012 Day 1

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Hello again my lovely dollies! 
I know that this post is super duper late  but I'm still sharing with you dollies on what I have experienced during the Etude House Pink Fair last April 21-22, 2012. They say that it's better late than never so here I am sharing with you this 2 days FUN AND PINK event. (Too bad that I didn't have the chance to attend the day 2)

First of all, I really don't have any plans on going to the event because first of all, I am totally broke waa  that's why I can't buy myself 1k worth of products to have the ticket. But thinking on how fun that event would be and it's the first time Etude will have this kind of event, it's pretty hard to let it slipped.
 Good thing that Etude House, together with their sponsors and other beauty bloggers are generous enough to share the fun and giveaway some free tickets. Hooray! Thank God I am one of the lucky ones.

Frozen Blossoms hosted a giveaway and I am so thankful that I am one of the lucky winners. Good thing that I checked my email and Facebook account the day before the event. I am screaming for joy that finally, I had the chance to go to the Pink Fair.

On that faithful day, April 21 ,2012, I met Ms. Tin, the owner of the Frozen Blossoms which is also in my to read blog list, and handed me my ticket hooray! I am so happy thank you very much Ms. Tin! Oh BTW, my prince is also with me that day haha but he didn't accompany me inside the fair since that he doesn't have a ticket. Moving on, I asked my prince to took a picture of me as soon as I received my ticket.

These are the pictures before the event. (So sorry for the poor quality of images, I forgot to bring my camera so I just used my cellphone's camera instead)

Yay! Finally I got a chance to meet Betsy! ^^, Too bad I didn't have a photo with her :(

Can't wait on what they will serve yum yum


Photobooth and games

Even the walls covering the area is pink and cute :)

Finally after hours of waiting the entrance has opened it's doors for the excited Prince and Princesses.
After your registration, you can write a message for Etude at the freedom wall. Of course I got the pink pen for writing hehe

Then I went straight to the games hehe. I first tried the Sweetie's Spin.

and I got a Bee Happy paper pen haha (Pictures of what I got at the end of the post)
Second, I tried one of the most hardest game at the fair haha (well at least for me) The Who am I? game

Too bad I didn't win here huhu poor me  and lastly I tried the AC Clinic game haha which is really unique and fun. All you have to do is toss three giant cotton buds to the AC Clinic White Trouble jar.

and luckily I shoot the three cotton buds and got myself a sample of AC Clinic white trouble Moisturizer and Toner.

After playing the game, I stumbled to Ms. Tin again and decided to hang out with me yay!

we got our picture taken in one of the cutest set of photo booth I have ever seen.

After that we went to the Meg booth to get us a free magazine then we watched the seminar regarding skincare.

Too bad that I didn't have the chance to finish the event and to take more pictures waa I didn't have the chance to snap a pic of the cute Missin U mascots huhu.After finishing Mr. Boram Kim's seminar, I decided to leave the fair since that number one my prince is waiting and we haven't had our lunch yet and number two I have a curfew. So I just went to get the free macarons from Tous Les Jour which is pink, the cotton candy which is also pink and the popcorn which is... guess what? PINK! I so love this event, everything is pink and it's like heaven to me.

So here are the freebies that I got from the event

I really enjoyed the Pink Fair and hoping that the next event would be even more better. Thank you so much Etude for this wonderful event. I got a chance to meet a friend and also to see fellow beauty bloggers. I'm just to shy to approach them since that I am just a newbie in this beauty blogging thing.

Good job Etude in making this event.

Till my next post dollies!
Take care and always stay pretty!

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