Manikang Hapon's Birthday and Blog Anniversary Giveaway CLOSED!

2:59 AM

Hello my dear dolls!
It is still the month of May and I guess that it is not too late to celebrate my birthday and my blog's anniversary. To complete the celebration, let me present to you my first ever giveaway!

The long wait is now over and I am presenting to you this giveaway to thank all of my supporters of my simple blog.  It's been a year of a pretty journey in the beauty and blogging world and I want to thank you all for inspiring me to do my best and to be really thankful that I am a woman. Because of this, I found a new passion of mine which is blogging and beauty related stuffs. I hope that I did pretty well in my one year in the beauty and blogging world and I promise to do my best in the upcoming years. Once again thank you my dear dolls and I hope that you will still support me till the end.

Maybe you are asking what are the prizes? Well that would be a secret hehe since that I want to surprise you all. But I do hope that you will love the prizes as much as I love collecting and using them.

So are you ready to join?
Just fill up the form below. Just make sure to follow all the rules because I want this giveaway to be fun and fair to everyone. Since that this is my first giveaway, this would only be open to PHILIPPINES RESIDENCE ONLY.

Giveaway will end on July 7, 2012 and will announce the winners within one week after the giveaway.

I promise to do an international giveaway next time so don't fret my international dollies.

So let the fun begin

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you again my dear dolls and always remember to stay pretty!

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Please do leave me comments my dear Dollies! I'd love to hear from you! :3