Product Review: Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara

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Hello again my dear dollies! 
It's review time again and this is my first review post for the month of May.
I hope that you will keep on reading hehe so let's not make this long shall we?

Today's review is one of my HG (Holy Grail) mascara as of this time. It's the  Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara



Product Description:
Now get curlier, longer, fuller lashes that last with the Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara. Our patented formula gives amazing length and 3x more volume without clumps. Get a 75 degree curl in an instant, no need for a lash curler!

The product description itself sounds really convincing especially for the part that you don't need a lash curler anymore. Let's see how this product performs to me.

This mascara comes in a pink and black round tube (kinda fat tube). It comes with a quite bended spoolie (sorry I really don't know what it's called and how will I describe it) that has a really fine brush which I like.

It comes with a liquid formula, not to watery and not to dry which I also like as well. The formula is quite pigmented so all you need is two to three swipes to achieve a natural but fuller looking lashes.What I don't like is that if you put too much, it clumps and makes my lashes look like a spider web. So the product description just shows that it's an another type of marketing strategy hehe  Anyway this doesn't bother me that much and nothing but a good 'ol lash comb can't do.

It says in the packaging that it's waterproof, hmm is it? Let's find out.

I put my hands under the faucet and let water run into it but it still stays put and didn't budge. Woah amazing!

but after rubbing the swatch while it's still wet this what happens.

Uh oh, it smudges a little. That means that this product is not water proof but just water resistant. Remember that waterproof and water resistant is two different things.

What I really like about this mascara is that it is indeed smudge proof. One time I accidentally rub my eyes and viola! my mascara is still in there and didn't smudge making me have panda eyes. Amazing isn't it?
About it's curling power, I doubt that you didn't need a lash curler anymore. I tried using this mascara once without curling my lashes. It did curl just a little but after a few hours, the curls just weighed down. So you really need to use a lash curler to achieve that curly and fuller looking lashes.

Now let's see what does it looks like in my lashes. 
once again here is my bare lashes

This is how it looks like applied with two-three coats of mascara

front view

side view

Now do you see how it makes my lashes clump? The technique is you need to apply it really fast so it won't clump when it dries since that the mascara dries pretty quick.

This is how it looks like when I close my eyes

It does makes my lashes look fuller isn't it?

For it's price, it does perform really good and I'm quite satisfied with it. Overall, I'm loving this mascara.

THE PRODUCT: Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volume Express Mascara
PRICE: Php 249
PLACE: The Landmark Makati

  • Quality product for it's price
  • Quite pigmented
  • Water resistant
  • Smudge proof
  • Doesn't give me panda eyes
  • Good quality spoolie
  • Makes my curls last long
  • long lasting


  • The packaging is quite bulky
  • Not waterproof

WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I recommend this for those who are looking for an affordable mascara but does a good job. I want to try other brands of mascara to see what is perfect for me.
RATING: I give this product a  4/5
THE VERDICT: This is a really good product for it's price and I'm loving this mascara.

What brand of mascara did you already tried? Have you tried this mascara? Please let us know.

Take care and always stay pretty!

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  1. @_@ with your eyes closed it looks like false eyelashes :)

    I love maybelline mascaras~

    I use Maybelline Full N Soft because I wear natural makeup daily, but when I want more drama I use Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender :)

    1. Aww that's so sweet of you dear. Thanks for sharing about your mascaras, will try them next time. ^^,


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