Product Review:San San Shimmer Lipstick #05

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Hello Hello my dear dollies!

It's me once again and will share a review about my recent find. The San San Shimmer Lipstick #05!

I really don't wear lipstick before because I find it heavy to the lips. I remember when I was young and we have school programs, my Mom is always the one who puts makeup on me and this includes lipstick. I remember that I don't close my lips when I already have lipstick on to prevent it from smudging or fading haha

 pretty silly of me and at the same time funny.

Since that I started being addicted to makeup, lipsticks has already found a special place in my heart. I am not really a lipstick person and lipsticks are not my most favorite cosmetic. I just love collecting them.

Moving on to the review, I decided to visit an HBC store to look for the San San Soleil lipsticks which they have a coral shade. I was so happy to see a tester of the said product but to my dismay, it's not available waa
So the nice SA offered me this San San Shimmer Lipstick #05 and she said that it's the dupe of the San San Soleil Peach Ibiza.

This lipstick comes in a blue round tube package. What I like about the packaging is that the lipstick goes all the way in unlike other lipsticks that are peeking out. The lipstick is on the creamy side which I love and really pigmented. Just 1 to swipe and you already have a gorgeous lips.. The downside is that it has some shimmers to it but it will do. Since that it has shimmers already, you don't need to apply any lip gloss anymore unless you want it extra shiny. The downside is that it's not long lasting and you have to re-apply it after eating or drinking but it's not a big problem to me.

So here's the shade of the lipstick.

Hope that you can really see the shade. It's more on the coral to orange-y side and it gives that nude-ish look that doesn't make me look pale which I love.
And here is the swatch at the back of my hand.

and of course a swatch to my lips.

I really love the natural color that it gives to my lips. I wear this shade when I just want a not too made up makeup look.

And I'm wearing this particular lipstick in this photo.

I really love it!

THE PRODUCT: San San Shimmer Lipstick #05
PRICE: Php 88
PLACE: HBC MRT Ayala Station

  • Value for money
  • Lovely Shade (Wearable for any skin tone)
  • Packaging doesn't look cheap
  • Not drying on the lips


  • Not long lasting
  • Shimmery but It's fine with me
  • Availability is pretty uncertain

WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I recommend this for those who are looking for an affordable lipstick but has good shades that will flatter any Filipina skin tone. Yes! I'll be buying their other shades and I hope that I will love them as well as much as I love this particular shade.

RATING: I give this product a  4/5

THE VERDICT: This is a pretty good lipstick for it's price and I'm loving it.

Have you tried San San lipsticks before? Have you tried this particular shade? What can you say? Please do share!

Take care and always stay pretty!

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