Product Review: Etude House AC Clinic White Trouble Essencializer Kit

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Hello again my dear dollies! 
It's review time again
So let's not make this introduction and let's start the review.

Etude House AC Clinic White Trouble Essencializer Kit is my recent skin care product that I am using. I've been using it for a few months now and I guess it's already time for a review. This kit comes with a small bottle of toner, a small squeeze type bottle of essencializer (good for travel purposes) and the full size pump bottle of the essencializer.

Product Description:
It is a 2-in-1 essencializer which to give both emulsion and cream at one time use. This prevents rashes  to come out by opening up the path between inside and outside of skin to keep circulation rhythm on skin.

Since that I don't really have a bad case of acne, the SA recommended this to me and she said that this is also good for minor cases of pimples so I gave this one a go.

 I am already done with the toner so I can't really show you how the product looks like. What I can say is that the toner is pretty good. It has this medicine like scent but bearable. I can also say that the toner is pretty mild because I didn't feel any stingy sensation even when applied near the eyes. The toner really cleans well and I noticed that I have less breakouts and small tiny bumps which I think are white pimples.

On to the main review, let me show you the essencializer.

It is called an essencializer because it is an essence and moisturizer in one. This is definitely a plus since that you don't have to apply too many products on your face.
It comes in a clear green pump bottle and what I noticed is that, the bottle is now made with plastic unlike the original AC Clinic Face lotion and the MiniSize U serum. This is an another plus point since that you don't need to worry that you might accidentally drop this and get broken. It comes with a pump which is an another plus for hygienic purposes.

The product comes in a liquid-cream texture just like shampoos but not that runny.

The smell of this essencializer is like that of the toner. A little of this product goes a long way so be sure to just pump the right amount and spread it on your face. Make sure to tap you skin too so the product will sink in your skin faster since that this product doesn't absorbed by the skin real fast.
See what I mean?

I've been using this product for a really long time now and I'm still using this day and night and good thing that it didn't gave me any break outs. So far this product is doing really well in controlling pimples.  Before I always get zits, if the other one is healed there would be another one that will pop out and this goes forever. After using this, I didn't get zits any more and if I do, it will be because of using another new product. The downside of this product is that it kind of makes me oilier so I am really careful in applying just a few drops of this product. Another downside is that my face kind of looks dull. Anyway this is just a product for controlling zits not for making your face look brighter. Overall, this is a good product. I only wish that it will make my face look brighter and healthier.

Bare skin

after moisturizing

After a few days of using the product

See how some of the zits disappeared just by using the product for a few days. Using this product continuously will dry up zits and control it. I'm pretty glad that this works for me and now my face looks more zit free than before. I will continue using this product until I found the perfect moisturizer for me.

I have normal to oily skin which my T-zone is the oiliest part. I do have visible pores on both of the apples of my cheeks and I'm dying to make them less visible.

THE PRODUCT: Etude House AC Clinic White Trouble Essencializer Kit
PRICE: Php 678
PLACE:  Etude House Market! Market!

  • It comes with a sample size toner and essencializer
  • It didn't break me out
  • Controls the formation of zits
  • Heals current zits
  • Comes in a hygienic packaging


  • It tends to make me oilier specially during hot days
  • It makes my face look dull

I recommend this product to those who have mild cases of pimples or white pimples. When I finished this up, I guess I'll try some other moisturizers since that I want a glowing effect. If I am going to buy this again, then maybe I'll just buy the toner.

RATING: I give this product a   3/5

This is a good product but this is not something that I will rave for. If it just gives me a more healthier looking skin, then maybe I'll give this a 5.

Have you tried this essencializer? What essencializer have you tried? Please do share!

Take care and always stay pretty!

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  1. Great blog! I love Etude House products too and I'll stand by for more of your reviews on them. New follower here! :)

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    1. Thanks so much for liking my blog dear Jemimah! :3 I'll do my best to make lot's of review about Etude House products. I hope you can stay tune. ^^,

  2. hello! I really suffer from acne,this is helpful and believe it or not, I read them all since this is too long. But great review. I hope you can make a review for Clean face variant from the Face shop. Good luck :)

  3. wow. good for you :) I also got bunch of products from this line. Check out my review here:


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