Kawaii haul #3

5:16 AM

Hello my pretty dolls!
How's your day? :)
Today is an another kawaii haul day so I'll be sharing with you some of my kawaii finds. :)

As usual I got them at The Landmark again. Hahaha :D except for the adorable pens that I got from National Bookstore.

What I got:
• A kawaii peach crop top with a ribbon and zebra design.
• A kawaii notebook with cat designs.
• A kawaii craft clips with a cat design again. (I love anything with a cat design hehe)
• A pink small basket to store my pens and the like.
• A flowery deco tape
• Some colored pens that look princess-y

I just love them all. :) Kawaii things really makes my day hehehe :)

How about you dollies? What makes your day? :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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  1. the top seems super cute :D
    i wish we could get such cute things here in europe ;-;


    1. Hello Dollie Lydia! :)
      It sure is cute! Would love to post an OOTD wearing that top! :) I really hope that someday you will have cute stuffs there at Europe as well! :)


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