My Kawaii Experience at Kawaii in Manila 2 part 2

9:28 AM

Hello again my kawaii dolls!
Remember my last post about my kawaii experience which you can view HERE!
Now this is the second part hehehe :) This post is dedicated to the fashion show and kawaii art exhibit. :)
Another fun and kawaii filled post so brace yourselves! :)

Another fun part about Kawaii in Manila is that you can be yourself and dress up in the most kawaii style that you can ever think off. I admit I regretted not wearing my full force kawaii fashion. :( Another fun part about this event is that you will get a chance too see people wearing their most kawaii outfits which I really love and got me inspired and promise myself that on the next Kawaii in Manila, I will definitely wear my most kawaii outfit/costume. It's a shame that I didn't got a chance to take pictures of the kawaii people during the convention but I got the chance to take this photo of a kawaii couple selling loombands for a cause. :)

Moving on, as me and my friend stroll around, we stumbled on the most kawaii art exhibit that I ever saw.

They are all so adorable! If we can just grab a copy of those kawaii artworks and hung them on our rooms to make it more kawaii-fied! :) Here are some of the kawaii artworks that we saw. Credits to the owner of the artworks. You all did a kawaii great job! :)

Mariness Angelika Rivera

Demi Radam

Nina Nguyen

Vanessa Leuterio

Katrina Langomez

Ayumi Miranda

Joey Ellson

Chichi Romero

Jerome Gokapi

Jenni Ly

and here is my personal favorite! :)
Franchesca Mae Acpal

For more kawaii artworks, visit this LINK!

Finally the star of the event, is non other than the kawaii fashion shows, ikemen guy contest, kawaii girl contest and other performances. Too bad that I didn't catch all of the events due to time constraint. >_< So here are some pictures of the kawaii fashion show that I got the chance to watch.

Participating brands of this kawaii fashion show are Dolly Kaye,Dorotee Sweetlips,Forestale, and La Princesse Doll.
They are all so adorable, kawaii and original. I love each style and hoping that there would be more designers of this kawaii fashion. Kudos to these designers, you inspired us to be confident and show off our kawaii styles.
There are a lot of activities in this kawaii convention that you wished that this one day event would never last. I just love every bit of it and was glad that I attended this event. Kudos to the Kawaii Philippines team for making such a wonderful event for every kawaii fans out there. It is not only your dream but to us kawaii fans as well. It's like a dream come true for us to have such a wonderful and kawaii event. Even today, I still can't move on and missed this event so much. I can't wait for the next Kawaii in Manila! I hope that the next event would be more grander, kawaii-er and of course full of activities like kawaii games! :) That would definitely be fun and wonderful.
Did you attend the Kawaii in Manila 2? Did you had fun? Share your thoughts with us! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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