OOTD with Lora-chan #2 Kawaii in Manila 2

9:34 AM

Hello hello my kawaii dolls!
How are you all? :)
For today's post is my outfit during my Kawaii in Manila 2 visit. :) So here it is!

I just opt to a simple outfit but with a touch of kawaii just to make myself comfortable during the event. I go for a seifuku style because it is my favorite style among the kawaii fashion genre. :)

What I am wearing:
• A blue sleveless blouse with a sailor like collar. (unbranded)
• A blue skater skirt (unbranded) from Fashion Market.
• A blue Hello Kitty doll shoes (gift)

As for my hair accessory, I wore a peach polkat dot bow to add to the kawaii feel. :)

Please excuse my hair :( it's been damage really bad and looking for the best treatment possible to revive my hair. :( If you know some secrets, please do share it with me.

So that is my outfit from the Kawaii in Manila 2 convention.

What do you think? Do you have any more kawaii style that you would like to share? Comment below! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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