Kawaii in Manila 2

2:37 AM

Hello dolls!
You are all kawaii! :) So what is kawaii? Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning cute,pretty and adorable. We all know that Japan is the land of anything kawaii, thus creating a Japanese Subculture of kawaii stuffs from fashion,beauty,food and anything that can be kawaii-fied. :)

I've always been into kawaii stuff for as long as I can remember and couldn't contain my happiness when I've heard about Kawaii Philippines. This group is made to help spread the word about the kawaii subculture. The most exciting part is that, Kawaii in Manila organized the very first Kawaii convention in the Philippines! Isn't that great? I am so excited!

Tomorrow's the day my dear dolls! I sure can't sleep tonight due to excitement! See you tomorrow at Whitespace Manila,Makati City. Let's spread the word of kawaii!

Kawaii Philippines
Kawaii in Manila 2

Take care and always stay pretty!


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