Product Review:Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss #2 Plum

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Hello again my dear dollies!
I'm here again to do a review!  So for today's review,will be an another Korean brand which is Tony Moly! Now let's see who is the star.
Ta da!

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It's the Fruit Princess Lip Gloss in #2 Plum
As soon as I saw these lovelies at the Tony Moly Facebook fan page, I got so excited and wanted one ever since and I'm really glad that I already have one.
There are actually 7 princesses but I only got one because I think it is quite expensive.
So on with the review

I really love the packaging. It is so cute that you can't resist it. I got the pink-est of them all which is the Plum. I just wished that the strawberry is much pinker. In case you are wondering, it is named Fruit Princess Gloss because of the fruit that each princesses represents. Each gloss has a different design based on the fruit. Here is an image of the other princesses.

I think the product is quite expensive for it's size.
See how small it is?

Even though it is really small, it comes with a cute little doe foot applicator that is attached to it's head.

The product is really nice. It has a sticky like texture like other glosses but it is not that sticky when applied to the lips. As you can see the color of the gloss is pink but when swatched at the back of my hand, it tends to be sheer but it has little pink shimmers in it.
click the image for a larger view

I hope you can see the small pink shimmers that I am talking about

Gomen ne (Sorry) dollies but I did everything I could to take a good picture of theshimmers that I am saying.

I am expecting that it will have a sweet smell but it doesn't have any.  I sure wish that it has a sweet smell too just like EH's glosses.

Now I will show you what the product looks like when applied to the lips.

Bare lips

product already applied

As you can see it doesn't give any hint of color to my lips. It only gives a nice shine to my lips but it looked like I drank a cooking oil straight from it's bottle. This product is more of a clear gloss and I think you can't wear this alone. I guess this will look good on top of a lipstick 
For me this is just an OK product.

THE PRODUCT:  Tony Moly  Fruit Princess Gloss #2 Plum
PRICE:  Php 300+
PLACE: Tony Moly SM Megamall

  • The very cute design and packaging


  • Quite expensive
  • Quite small
  • Not that pigmented
  • No sweet smell (knowing that it is a fruit flavored product)
  • Looks like I ate something only when applied

Maybe I'll buy the other 6 princesses if I have extra money just for the sake of collecting them. I do recommend this to those who loves to collect cute items like me.
RATING: I give this product a    2/5

This is a really cute product but it doesn't perform that good. I'm just a sucker to cute products that's why I bought this one.

Now that's for today's review my dollies. I am really sorry for a not so good review because I am not really in myself today.
I promise that I will do good next time
Stay tuned for more reviews my dear dollies.
Take care and always stay pretty!

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  1. The packaging is really cute! <3 I agree that it is expensive for its size! :(



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