Product Review:Etude House Milk Screw #3

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Hello again dollies!
Finally a new blog post! Let's make this fast my dear dollies so I can make more reviews today  My upcoming review list is piling up real fast  I just can't help buying beauty products hehe
So let's start the review
Today I am reviewing my current favorite lip product. It's Etude House's Milk Screw #3

This is a two in one lip product. This is a lip balm and at the same time a lip tint, how amazing is that
There are five colors and flavors to choose from but I got the #3 because it is pink The packaging is really nice and doesn't look cheap which I really love. This is also affordable, for Php 198 you'll have a really good lip product. Let's see what's inside the product.

As you can see the product itself is also pink Hooray for pink products!  Let's take a closer look of the product.

I really love this product, it is very moisturizing and give a perfect pink hint to my lips for a natural look. I always use this at school and I really love it. It gives me a natural and healthy looking lips. Say goodbye to dull lips! This product is well pigmented. One swipe is really enough for a natural look but it is also buildable if you want more color to your lips. It also gives a really good shine to your lips so that means this is almost a 3 in 1 product. A lip balm, lip tint and a lip gloss This product is really amazing. As for the name, I really don't know why it is called Milk Screw  it doesn't smell milky and doesn't taste milky as well. The taste is more of a fruity flavor depending on what flavor you will get. In my case I got the strawberry one so it tastes like strawberry.
For swatches of the product here is how it looks like.
Swatched at the back of my hand
See the hint of pink color in it?
Now let's test the product. Here is how my lips looks like without any lip product.

and here how it looks like when I used the product.

See the difference
I just swiped it once and it already gave a nice color to my lips. I am loving this product!

THE PRODUCT: Etude House Milk Screw #3
PRICE: Php 198
PLACE: Etude House Market! Market!

  • A good product for it's price
  • Well pigmented
  • Moisturizing
  • Cute packaging
  • Gives a nice color to my lips for a natural look
  • Very handy (You can bring it with you anywhere and can do touch ups)

The packaging is not quite durable. I just noticed that the cap of the product already had a crack in it.
I recommend this to those lip product lovers who wants a natural color to their lips and for those who has chapped lips. I will surely repurchase this and will try their other variants.
RATING: I give this product a  5/5
This is a really good buy and I'm loving it to bits.

So that's for my review dollies
Take care and stay pretty! 

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