Saizen opens at Market! Market!

5:59 AM

Hello dollies!
Last Friday, October 7, 2011, one of my favorite store opened up their new branch at Market! Market! You know what store is it? It's Saizen! A Japanese store that sells all kinds of stuffs from small to big at a fixed price of Php85! How cool is that? They are located at the 2nd floor besides Kenny Rogers. I actually went there during the opening because I am just excited to see it and now I don't need to go all the way to Robinson's Galleria just to visit Saizen.

Sorry if I just took a few pics and didn't take a picture inside because I'm afraid that maybe it was not allowed and I don't have any guts to do it. Moving on, the store opening was full packed. Market! Market! goers loves to shop at Japan Home Center and since that Saizen is now in Market! Market!, all I can say is that goodluck to Japan Home Center hehe since that Saizen is Php3 cheaper and they have a lot of selection. What I love most about Saizen is that they sell a lot of Kawaii (cute) stuff and beauty stuff.

The store is kind of small compared to their main branch which is really big and really a haven. It is kind of congested since that the shelves are aligned almost close to each other. It's like they force fitted everything in one place. The selections are kind of limited too wherein they just sell a few containers and the makeup brush holder that I was excited about is not available here. I sure hope that they will put more stuffs but I am amaze on how well stocked the beauty section is.  The ever famous Charcoal mask has a lot of stocks too so hoarders will definitely love this branch. After a few trips inside the store, I was happy that some items that I want are available especially the falsies.  Now I will not have a hard time on finding a very good falsies. This time I leave the store empty handed since that I am prioritizing the stuffs that I need to buy but eventually I will buy here the next time I visit.

Overall I was very happy that finally a Saizen near my place is now within my reach. I can't wait to visit Saizen again.

That's all for now dollies.
Take care and stay pretty!

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