Product Review:Nivea Lip Care Star Fruits in Strawberry

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Hello again dollies!
Here's another review of a lip product.

This is the Nivea Lip Care Star Fruits in Strawberry

This is my very first lip product.  Since I have chapped lips from time to time, I asked my mom to buy this for me. I think this is around Php80. I can't really remember since I have this for a really long time now and I don't use it that frequently so it's still has a lot of product in it hehe anyways on to the review.
I can say that this lip balm is like Etude House's Milk Screw, but the tint in this one is not that strong compared to the Milk Screw. In my opinion this is just basically a lip balm that has a shine and a little color to it to give you that natural look in your lips. It is kind of moisturizing too but what I don't like about this is the heavy feeling. I feel that I have oil in my lips that's why I don't use this too often. The packaging is really nice too. It's durable enough and has a really cute strawberry print on it which I really love. Now let's open the product.
The product itself is color red just like in the cap. It has this jelly look that will make your mouth water and eat it. but seriously don't try to eat this haha it has a nice scent too and it smells like strawberries. Looking closer to the product.

Now you see what I mean about the jelly look  as you can see the product itself is kind of shiny so you will expect that it will really give shine to your lips. This is how it looks like when swatched at the back of my hand.

See the faded hint of color in it
and let's see what the product looks like on my lips.
My bare lips
The product in action
As you can see the balm gave me a healthy shine on my lips.
This is a good product for it's price but don't expect too much because this is just an ordinary lip balm and is really good for starters like me who just started loving beauty products.

THE PRODUCT:  Nivea Lip Care Star Fruits in Strawberry
PRICE: Around Php80
PLACE: Watson's Market! Market!

  • Affordable
  • Nice Packaging
  • Available locally


  • It gives me a heavy feeling
  • Doesn't give me the natural color on my lips that I want

I recommend this for starters in beauty products. As for repurchasing, I think I will not buy this. I think there are a lot more good lip balms to try out there.
RATING: I give this product a  3/5
This product is not bad. It does the job and pretty affordable too. Really good for starters.

That's it for my review my dear dollies!
Take care and stay pretty! 

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