Product Review:Shawill Lip Gloss in Vogue Noble #11

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Hello dollies!
Another lip product review again
I'm doing my best to make reviews today as promised to you my dear dollies. Good thing that I edited some pictures for review during my free time. Now on to the review.
For today's review I am reviewing my very first lip gloss from Shawill cosmetics. Shawill is a local brand and is known for their very affordable cosmetics. I bought this one because I am just starting with cosmetics and I think this is a good product to start with. I got the Vogue Noble #11 lip gloss which is a really cute Barbie pink.

Actually the SA is the one who recommended this color to me since I am asking for a really good color that will suit me.
 The product is around Php 100 plus, not bad for a lip gloss. What I love about this product is that it is so pigmented. You will see what I mean here.

Now you see what I mean
It has a really thick consistency but not runny. It also has a nice smell just like any other ordinary lip gloss. It comes in a rounded tube container that has a kind of long doe foot applicator.

Here is a closer look of the wand.

The brush feels nice and soft to the lips. What I really love about this product is the color that it gives to my lips.
My bare lips

See the nice pink color on my lips?  I really love it! It gives me a really nice pink color and a really good shine too. The downside is that the product feels kind of sticky to my lips and somewhat gave me a heavy feeling but once you get used to it, it's actually pretty fine. The odd thing about this product is that sometimes it feels so moisturizing and sometimes it feels so dry. I guess it depends on the condition of my lips or the weather hehe. Overall this is a good product for starters like me.

THE PRODUCT:  Shawill Lip Gloss in Vogue Noble #11
PRICE:  Around Php 100 plus
PLACE: Landmark Makati

  • Affordable
  • Very pigmented
  • Cute Color


  • The sticky and heavy feeling

I do recommend this for starters and thinking if I should repurchase this or not. Well maybe I'll repurchase this for makeup practices and also to add up to my collection hehe
RATING: I give this product a  3/5
This is a pretty nice lip gloss for it's price. It has a really nice cute pink color but I do hope that they change the formula in this to make it less sticky and heavy feeling. If not with those cons, I think I will really love this product.

That's all for now dollies!
Take care and stay pretty!

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