Product Review:Etude House Fresh Nailwash Safe 01

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Hello again dollies!
I miss blogging and I miss you all. I'm really happy that we have a long weekend and I sure hope that I could use the extra time for blogging.  So let's head on for the review

For today's review I will be reviewing my current favorite nail polish remover. It's the Etude House Fresh Nailwash Safe 01.

This nail polish remover comes in 2 variants. I bought this one because (you know) it's pink! I believe that they also have another nail polish remover which has a really good scent but I think that product is kind of expensive for a nail polish remover. I bought this one during the grand sale so this is much cheaper compared to the original price of Php78 which is still quite a deal for a good product
This nail polish remover is not your ordinary nail polish remover because it has somewhat a good scent. (just don't sniff it straight from the bottle) The consistency is watery just like an ordinary polish remover, what is unique about this product is it's packaging where it comes with a push and turn cap for safety purposes. I don't know if this design will help the product from spilling but I can say that it didn't work since I tried to put the product in a lying position in my nail kit and to my dismay 1/4 of the product already spilled waa
   I didn't took a picture of the back of the product since it is all in hangul and I can't read those hehe For the product performance, I can say that it really performs well. It can remove any kind of nail polish. I tried using it with different brands of nail polish and it does the job really well. What I love more is that if you use this on an Etude nail polish, the polish can be removed quickly with just a few swipes. I also love this product because it doesn't make my hands dry and doesn't make my nails peel unlike of using an ordinary nail polish remover. Since that it removes nail polish really well, this product is also economical since I just use 1 cotton ball (yeah you heard that right) which I cut it in half and it just removes my nail polish easily. Let's see the product in action.
yay clean nails!

and a closer look
See how it removes polishes without leaving a trace?
that's how I love this product and I never knew that removing nail polish can also be fun.

THE PRODUCT: Etude House Fresh Nailwash Safe 01
PRICE: Php 78 since I bought this during the grand sale I got it for Php54)
PLACE:  Etude House SM Megamall

  • Cute packaging
  • value for money
  • has a nice scent
  • removes polishes really well
  • moisturizing
  • no peeling of nails


  • the design of the cap which is not spillage proof

Yes I will surely repurchase! I do recommend this to nail polish addicts that has a hard time removing nail polish.
I give this product a perfect 

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