Product Review:Etude House: Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #2 UPDATED

11:14 PM

Hello again dollies! For my review today it's the Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #2 from Etude House!
Back view (It's the #2 gloss)
Front view

For the first time I think I have found the perfect lip gloss for me. This lip gloss is not that sticky compared to other lip gloss and it gives me that perfect and natural shine on my lips. What I love more about this product is that it smells so good (like a strawberry candy yum! ) that I want to eat it from it's bottle haha 
This is how it looks on my lips when applied.

See how it gives a natural shine on my lips? I'm really loving this product.

This is how it looks like when swatched in my hand.

As you can see there's a hint of pink in it but you can't barely see the pink on the lips. Well it's fine with me as long as it gives a natural shine to my lips. 

This is how the product looks like.
Sorry if it's a little blurry

The texture of the gloss is really fine (It's like water) not sticky which is actually good. With one swipe you can cover your lips perfectly. It comes with a round like sponge brush that is actually soft in the lips which is an another plus.*update* From the name itself which is Roll Roll Gloss, the brush tends to spin on which you can roll it to your lips for easy application and I just discovered it now. I have this product for a very long time and I just found out recently that the brush is spinning and I thought that the brush is broken but it's not! It is made to spin so boo me for finding it too late.* As usual to Etude House's products, the packaging is really cute and I really love it.  Overall this product is really good! 

THE PRODUCT: Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #2
PRICE: Php 278
PLACE WHERE IT IS BOUGHT:  Etude House SM Megamall
WHEN: April 30, 2011


  • Of course the cute packaging.
  • The sweet smell of it. (It's like strawberry)
  • The texture of it. (It's not that sticky)
  • It gives a natural shine on my lips and I think it's wearable for everyday.
  • It has a right price for a good product.
  • *UPDATE* The unique wand which is made to roll on your lips
I can't think of anything to hate this product haha I just love it! 

I really love this product of Etude House from it's packaging to the product itself. Everything in it is perfect!

I will definitely recommend it to others especially to those who love lip gloss and I will definitely buy it again. There are a lot of colors in this gloss and will try all of it's shades. ^^,

As of this time this is what I really love in Etude House's products. I know they have lots of good products and will try all of them! ^^, So there you go another review from Etude House, till my next post dollies! Bye! 

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