First Nail Art: Strawberry Madness

9:44 AM

Hello again guys! ^^, Like I said on my personal blog I am getting addicted to nail polish and of course I tried nail art as well. My first nail art was truly a disaster haha but on my second attempt it came out pretty good haha ^^, Thanks to Youtube for the tutorials.^^, So the very first nail art that I made is a very simple one and it's a strawberry which I find the cutest among the fruits haha So this is my first attempt and tried it on my feet haha ^^,

Sorry about my feet >.<

This design is actually easy to do ^^, You just need 3  colors of nail polishes which is pink,white and green. ^^,
  1. File and buff your nails first for a good finish. ^^,
  2. Don't forget to apply base coat especially with a nail strengthener formula
  3. Paint your nails PINK! (my favorite color ^^,)
  4. On the part where the cuticle and nails meet paint a straight line in green color. (This will be the leaves)
  5. Using a toothpick put a white dot all over the nails. (This will serve as the seeds :3)
  6. Finally put a topcoat on it to make it last ^^,
Very simple isn't it! ^^, Try to do it yourself and if you want you can watch some tutorials on Youtube ^^,
I hope this little tutorial helps. ^^,
See you again guys! 

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