First visit at Etude House

10:03 AM

Hello again guys! ^^, Finally I have my first visit at Etude House at SM Megamall last April 30, 2011. The day before my birthday haha It was an advance celebration of my birthday with my BF and my first wish is to visit Etude House. ^^, It was a really dream come true to me to finally visit Etude House and I must say that my first stay there is quite an experience. The atmosphere feels so good I feel that I am in a princess room. ^^, The staffs are very friendly as well. ^^, So I checked all of their products and roam at their store for about ten times haha. My BF decided to buy me some stuff from Etude House as a birthday gift for me. ^^, So I have the Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss #2, Petit Darling Nails high beam BL502, and Petit Darling eyes matte no 1. I also got my Pink Membership card and a tissue as a freebie. ^^, Here is a picture of them ^^,

I am so happy that I got my own Etude House products now and thanks to my BF for buying these to me as a present. ^^, Since that I am now starting to grow my own makeup collection, I might as well learn how to use these products properly haha and makeup techniques as well. I want to thank google for helping me out. ^^, As for the review of these products, I promise that I will do that in my next post. ^^,

See you again guys! ^^, *wave*

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