Product Review:Etude House Petit Darling Nails High Beam BL502

8:20 AM

Hello again guys! As promise I will be writing a review about the first batch of products that I bought from Etude House. Hooray! The first product that I am reviewing is drum roll please ^^, *drum rolls* The Petit Darling Nails High Beam BL502! 
code of the product ^^,
It's a color sky blue nail polish and on what I experience in this product is that it somewhat changes it's color during night and day haha ^^, At night it tends to be darker. As usual the packaging is cute and princess like which I really love. The product is not that bad and I actually use two coats of it since that it looks too light in one coat. Here's the picture of my painted nails in two coats.  I don't know if it is me but on what I experience I can make my other polishes last longer for about a week but with this one it just day for about 3-4 days. Maybe I need the Etude House top coat for this haha ^^, I thought that this nail polish will have a good scent since that their nail polish remover on what I have read on other reviews smells nice but I kept my hopes too high haha. Overall this nail polish is not that bad. ^^,
Sorry about the ugly painting of my nails I am in a hurry haha XD

  • The cute packaging
  • The cute color
  • It takes too long to dry
  • the lasting power is not that good
  • The smell (Well it's natural for nail polishes haha but I'm hoping that I can find a nail polish that has a good smell something that will not rip my nose off haha XD)
  • Too expensive for a nail polish that is not that good (Sorry I'm a kuripot and I want that If I buy something, it is really worth it. ^^,)
Out of 5 I will rate this product 3. The color is really cute but the lasting power failed me.

Maybe NO. I think there are more better nail polishes out there and I can say that my Caronia nail polishes are better and cheap compared to Etude House.

So there you go my first review haha and I think a not so good review waa T_T but Etude House has lots of great products. I guess nail polishes are not their forte. ^^, See you again guys on my next review! ^^,

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  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog! I have this polish from Etude too, and you're right about the "color changing"! It does seem darker at night. :P

    I wouldn't recommend any of Etude's top coats, they chip easily too. The Face Shop's top coat is way better!

  2. oh thank you very much for your tip ^^, Thanks for following my blog! ^^,


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