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Finally I'm done with my beauty blog haha and for the first post I want to introduce you to Etude House! ^^, The main reason why I made a beauty blog haha anyways what is Etude House?

Etude House is a Korean cosmetic brand that is popular for their affordable products and of course on their cute,pink and princess like products.Their store is like a cute princess room where it is pink and of course the atmosphere or ambiance is princess like as well which I really love and a big factor to attract customers. ^^, Now they opened their first shop in the Philippines and I think it was last 2009 or 2010.(Where am I all these years? haha) I pity myself for not hearing about Etude House before huhu T_T

I am not a fan of cosmetics before but a few months or weeks before I turn 20 on May 1 I became interested in girly stuffs haha ^^, I started in nail polish and also tried nail art. ^^, and now I got a bunch of nail polish in my beauty box. ^^, as for the make up I only have a pressed powder from Nichido (which my mom gave me haha), a blush on from Ever Bilena (Philippine Brand) and a Nivea lip balm and recently I bought a pink lip gloss from Shawill (I think it's a Philippine brand as well) because number one I want to give color to my nude lips and second it is affordable. (Maybe I'll do a review about these products too haha) These are my only makeup in my makeup kit haha because I only want my face to look refreshed especially during school days where I commute and partnered with a really hot weather and pollution.

So how did I heard about Etude House? It happened when I was looking for a really good lip gloss something that will give color and shine to my very nude lips. While browsing online I stumbled in a blog where she is reviewing about the top 10 lip gloss from Etude House. Hmm Etude House it does ring a bell. So I search Etude House on the net and when I saw their logo and their pink and princessy trademark  something went up to my mind thinking that I saw their store before here in the Philippines and I think that was in SM Megamall. As I browse in the net for more info I finally got an answer and my instincts where correct. It was in SM Megamall and I passed by their store for around a thousand times and pity myself now why I didn't knew about Etude House before? I am missing all the fun stuff from it and now that I knew about it, no one can stop me now in this new passion of mine. So after knowing about Etude House I just can't wait to visit their store for the first time. ^^,

In my next post I'll post about my first visit in Etude House and the products that I bought from there. ^^, See you guys!

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