Etude House Singapore

2:25 AM

Hello again dollies! For my post today I want to share you the Etude House in Singapore! My BF went to Singapore for their family vacation and I told him that if you find Etude House in Singapore please do take a picture of it. Luckily he found it haha and here it is. 
I'm not quite sure on where exactly this is located. (I'll ask my BF first) anyway as expected to Etude House, anywhere in the world their store is really cute and PINK! I told him not to buy there though because I know that Etude House's products in Singapore are quite expensive. (I don't know why) anyways he also told me that Tony Moly (sister company of Etude House) is just right across the store haha (Waa I forgot to tell him to take a picture of it as well.)

So there you go the Etude House in Singapore! See you in my next post again!

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