Product Review: Tony Moly Nail Polish in NE01

11:21 PM

Hello my kawaii dolls!
How do you do?
Today is a product review day! Finally, after such a long time I can make product reviews again.
So let's head on to the review shall we?
The product in spotlight today is the Tony Moly Nail Polish in NE01!

I had this product for a very long time now and I believe that this is one of their first line of nail polishes. This is my only nail polish from Tony Moly. I'm looking for a good blue polish so I gave this a try. So here are swatches on my nails.

The color is very pigmented and I believe this is one of the pigmented polish that I have on my nail polish collection. It only takes one swipe to get this blue color which I love. The brush is also of good quality as well as it fans out really well covering my entire nail bed. The downside is that it chips easily. I think after two days, my nail color started to chip. I guess this is not bad considering that it is only around 90+ pesos. 

Overall, this is a nice product to try even though that Tony Moly has some few colors to choose from.

How about you dolls, have you tried Tony Moly nail polishes? What can you say? Comment below! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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