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10:37 AM

Moshi moshi ne my pretty dolls! :)

Today I have another post for you which is the Online Shop Review! This is another series on my blog where I will share my experiences with a particular online shop.

Technology has really evolved now and we can always do shopping at the tip of our fingers! I remember the times that Filipinos are not really used to online shopping before, I think it was in the year 2000 or so. First thing is that internet connection are very limited during that time and second is that Filipinos just don't trust online shops and lastly, we Filipinos are fond of checking out the item first in personal before we actually buy them.

Then came the smartphone era where everything just made simpler especially online shopping. Nowadays, lots and lots of online shops came popping out whether it be a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, and other platforms like Sulit and the like. Who wouldn't be convinced to make a simple online shop and try selling some stuff because number one, it's easy and second it is free! With a lot of options to choose from, it would be hard for the buyers to choose a trusted seller. So I made this new series on my blog which is the Online Shop review! :)  I believe that this would be helpful for you my dear dolls so I hope that you can stay tuned! :)
Are you excited on my Online Shop Review post? Do you think this would be helpful for you? Comment below! :)
Take care and always stay pretty!


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