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11:08 AM

Hello again dolls! It's me Lora-chan! :)

Remember my last post about my Online Shop Review to be found here?

So here's the first one. :)

I have this smartphone from Huawei and I find it really hard to get a decent phone case. I tried every store at the mall selling phone cases but I can't hardly find one! :( I do found a jelly case but it's in color blue! :( I really want a pink colored cellphone case no matter what! So I tried checking online and found one at OLX formerly known as Sulit. OLX is an online platform intended for users who wanted to sell a product.
So without any hesitation, I ordered from her since that upon checking at her feedback page, she seems to be a legit seller so I gave it a go! :) Then after depositing my payment to her bank account, I already got the item the next day! :) So happy that I got a pink case for my phone! :)

It snuggly fits my phone which I really adore but the quality of the casing is okay considering it's price. But what standout from my transaction with her is her personality towards her customers. Ms. Rynel is the most accommodating online seller that I have encountered and I sure wish that more online seller would be like her. She always reply to her customer with a smile and made sure that everything is correct and the transaction would be smoothly. I simply adore her. Thank you very much Ms. Rynel for the very wonderful experience with you! :) 

If you are looking for hard to find cases for your phone, why don't give her shop a try! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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    1. Thank you so much for the sweet compliment! :) Will work hard to give you more informative articles! :)


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