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Lora-chan's September Favorites

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Hello again my dear dolls!
Remember about my last post about my monthly favorites which you can find HERE?
Well here it is! Read on to find out what are they! :)

It's been quite a long time since I've posted the things that I am using and I am so glad that I had the chance to do this again. :) So without further ado, let me share with you the things that I am loving last month which is September. I am so sorry that this took quite a while but I do hope that you will love the things that I will be sharing with you. :)

First are the face products! :)

The first photo is the Pond's Flawless White BB+ cream in Light. BB creams became a big trend now in the cosmetic industry specially in Korea. Now more and more brands are making their own version of BB creams, even US brands has their own version! Who wouldn't love an all in one product? It would just make applying makeup easier right my dear dolls? and so my search for the most affordable BB cream started. I had tried korean BB creams but I think that the shade doesn't really suit Filipina skin tones that's why I decided to search for a BB cream that will suit Filipina skin tones, So I gave Pond's BB cream a try and just fell in love the moment that I used it. :) I just kept on using it since that it's really light on the skin and makes my powder foundation adhere better and made my face look more smooth and flawless. :) But I find it really expensive for such a small tube so I stumbled on my next BB cream discovery which is on the second picture. It's Myra Vita Glow BB Cream in Beige. After trying out this product,I thought to myself that I just love this better than the later but still, I love both products and will use both of them alternately. :)

My next favorite would be a lip product and it's the Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick in Strawberry.

I am not really a fan of lipstick, I find them really heavy,not natural looking and most of them are not long lasting. That's when I fell in love with lip stains and the like. I am more of a natural look makeup person so lipstains are really my number one choice. I already hit tube of my first magic lipstick from Ever Bilena in lemon flavor so I tried the strawberry one. :) I just love this lip product and I think this is my holy grail. :)

My next favorites would be some random products.

First is my Hello Kitty Soap Dish! :)

You know my obsession about Hello Kitty do you? I just saw this from a random stall at Market! Market! and without second thoughts, I just grabbed it and the next thing I know it was already with me at home and been using it ever since I laid my hands on this adorable thing, >.<

My last favorite for the month of September can be found at my vanity.

These are the most adorable pieces that I ever saw and I just love them and makes my vanity table look princess-y. :) It's a brush holder from SM kids section, yes that's right the kids section! Please don't judge me hehehe I just find it adorable! :) the next one is a mirror from Daiso, formerly known as Saizen. (So sorry for the crappy photo >_< I am just using my cellphone camera in this photo. The color didn't show up really well but the brush holder is a baby pink color while the mirror is peachy pink.) I just love this pieces and looking for a princess-y tray as well to hold my skin care products. If you know where can I buy one, please let me know at the comments below! :)

So that's my favorites for the month of September! :) I hope you like them as much as I do! :) If you want a detailed review about some of the products that I featured in this post, please let me know as well! :) 

So what's your September favorites? Care to share it with us? :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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