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Hello there my dear dolls!
It's me again Lora-chan! :)
Today's post is about my new kawaii discovery!

Read on to find out! :)

N.Cat or also known as Naughty Cat is the number one accessory store in Korea. Most of their products are hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, hats/caps, bags/pouches and a lot more! Most of their items are simply adorable, that you will hate to leave the cute pink store empty handed. And did I told you that their products are hypoallergenic, meaning you can wear their accessories without worrying about any allergic reactions. How cool is that? :)

When I heard that they are opening their first branch here in the Philippines, I got really excited knowing that there will be another kawaii store that I can go to and get my kawaii accessories. I got even more ecstatic when they announced that they are opening their first store at Park Square Makati. Meaning, it was near my place. :) As they open their store to the public, I was one of the few who visited the pink store ASAP. I think it opened around the first week of October and decided to re-open again at second week of October after they have fixed some minor problems at their store. Upon entering the store, I was just amazed how adorable and pink it is.

This kawaii carpet welcomed me hehehe I really want one for my room. :) The store itself reminds me a LOT of Etude House! I just thought to myself that this is another new haven for me! Anything about pink and kawaii is a heaven for me. :) 

Moving on, I browse each shelves and find how they put an adorable twist on displaying their products. This is the first time that I saw this kind of idea hehehe

Look at those small benches, trees and house, it's like you are in a park full of adorable hair accessories. :)
And the rest of my N.Cat experience is me going crazy and drooling at the adorable stuffs!

You all know that I have this obsession with bows and was thrilled when I found out that they sell a lot of bow accessories! What's even great is that they are so affordable. Most of the bows are around 28 pesos only! What's even cooler is that the bows are really of good quality. So I got some of the kawaii bows.

So here are my N.Cat loots. I just got a few items since that I am in a budget. :p But if you do have lots of budget, then I recommend visiting N.Cat for your accessory needs. They have lots of accessories to choose from and they are affordable and of good quality. :)

So here are some photos of me and my brother who also enjoyed visiting N.Cat as well. Mind you that they also have accessories for men as well. :)

Kudos also to Nancy, the SA who assisted me for being so accommodating!

Too bad that they don't still have paper bags yet so they just put my items on a brown paper bag. 

Try to visit N.Cat and I'm sure you will enjoy your shopping experience as much as I do. :)
You may follow them on instagram @ncatphilippines and like their page on Facebook. N.Cat Philippines
for updates. :)

Have you tried visiting N.Cat? What are your thoughts? Please do share! :)

Take care and always stay pretty! :)


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