Product Review:Tony Moly: Essential Mask Sheet Pack Strawberry

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Hello again dollies! 
Another review again yay!  For today's review I am going to review the Tony Moly: Essential Mask Sheet Pack Strawberry  I've used this mask for a very long time and I almost forgot to make a review of it silly me  anyways here is the review 

This is my second facial mask and also the second time of using one.  When I opened the pack, I am kind of disappointed for not smelling any hint of strawberries waa  I was expecting a strawberry smell but there's nothing not even a hint of it oh well  I hope that this is a good product. So I took out the mask and here it is

I didn't took a picture of myself wearing this because I'm kind of shy haha well maybe next time if I already have the guts So what can I say about the product?  All I can say is that I like the other one better.  I think the Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Pearl is much better than this one and the SA is really right. Click here for the review of it. When I used this one I don't feel any tight feeling in it and after 30 minutes and took off the mask and of course washed my face, I don't feel any difference so this product kind of disappoint me I felt that I just wasted my money in this one but good thing this mask is cheap. This mask is like any other mask but I think there's nothing special to it. It is just an ordinary mask 
So for the summary...

THE PRODUCT: Essential Mask Sheet Pack Strawberry
PRICE: Php 58
PLACE: Tony Moly SM Megamall
WHEN: June 6, 2011
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: It is affordable and the packaging is quite nice. (I admit I fell for it haha)
WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: It's not that effective and there's no smell of any strawberry in it.
THE VERDICT: This is just an ordinary mask and nothing special.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: Nope, there are a lot of mask out there to try
RATING:I'll give it  2/5

I will not buy this mask again, good thing it is not that pricey for a mask. Of course I'll try some other mask that will eventually be my HG. 

So that's all for now dollies till my next review..

Stay beautiful dollies! 

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