Nail Art: Bows and Presents

11:57 PM

Hello again dollies! 
For today's post it's my nail art, and I named it the Bows and Presents Nail I used Nail water decal and this is also my first time using one. I can't believe on how easy it is   the only problem that I encountered is removing the excess of the decal  well I just need more practice haha so without further ado here it is.

So what do you think dollies? Oh if you don't know how to apply one, watch a tutorial on Youtube. They have lots of tutorials there  it's easy as one, two, three haha .So there you go dollies another post. Till next time!
Stay beautiful dollies! 

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  1. Is this your first time?.
    Cause if it is you can't really tell. It's super pretty.<3 I wish it were hot pink tho so the presents will show up more.(:

  2. aww, so cute! I love nail art ^_^

  3. @Czarina
    yes it's my first time ^^, Thanks so much for the compliment

    aww thanks so much for the compliment ^^, I do love nail arts too :3


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