Etude House Grand Sale Visit

3:31 AM

Hello again dollies! 
Finally a new post  Sorry dollies if I've been away for so long I had some problems but now I am fully recovered  and thanks to you dollies  because you are my inspiration in making these reviews in my blog  So heading for my blog post...

Recently Etude House Philippines had a grand sale last June 15-21 to give thanks to their loyal supporters and also for those who liked their page on Facebook. They now have 50k plus fans and still counting so hooray for Etude House  This is my first time experiencing Etude House's sale so I am really excited. Too bad I didn't have enough money that time so I haven't got the chance to enjoy Etude House's sale to the fullest aww  but still I had fun because I got the chance to buy some of the stuffs in my wishlist yay!  So I visited Etude House at SM Megamall during the first day of sale. I think I got there too early because it feels that there's no sale going on haha  I think there's only two customers that time including me haha I am quite disappointed because they didn't restock their items aww so I ended up buying a few things. I got myself the Dear Darling Tint #2, Fresh Nail Wash Safe 01 and the VIP Girl Nail Polish PK011 Vivid Baby Pink. Here they are 

I'll make a review of them soon so check it out  

I also had a chance to visit Etude House again at SM Megamall during the fifth day of their sale.  I have read in their Facebook fan page that they have restocked their items so I got excited again and hurriedly visit Etude House. During this day you can now feel that it's really a grand sale haha  there are lots of people and sure enough they restocked their items but I think not all of them. The Baby Skin Veiling Pact that I've always wanted are still OOS  and even their gel liners and eyeshadows! aww so I just got myself a Lovely Cookie Blusher #2 Rose Cookie (good thing they restocked this one it is one on my wishlist haha) an Oblique Line Brush (I think this brush is much better than their eyeliner brush so I got this instead haha even though I still don't have a gel liner) and the very cute and pink Shower Ball. I am also so surprised that their Dear Darling Tints are now OOS so good thing I got one during the first day of sale haha so here they are  

I also took a picture of the signage haha 

and while I was walking in the Atrium I saw this haha

Sandara looks really different here haha

I had fun during the Grand Sale but I sure wish that they have restocked all of their products and had a backup as well  and I am hoping that next time they have some freebies haha can't wait for their next grand sale 

So there you go dollies see you in my next post 
Stay beautiful! 

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  1. Wish we had an etude house here T_T.

  2. i love etude house!


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