Product Review:Etude House Oh~ M' Eye Line #2 and Oh~ M' Eye Lash Double up Volume Mascara

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Hello again dollies! 
For today's review I will be reviewing two products Yup you heard it right dollies two products  I have these products for a very long time now and I've been using it ever since I got my hands on it.   I will be reviewing the Oh~ M' Eye Line #2 first 

I actually bought the wrong one waa  I picked the wrong bottle haha I thought it is the #1 which is the black. (I really have a problem in my eyes haha) I am already wearing my eye glasses but still I picked the wrong bottle haha  Anyways this is a good opportunity to experiment haha. This is my first time using an eyeliner and I think that using a liquid liner is much easier than using the ordinary pencil liner and I was right this is much easier.  So for the first time in my life I applied eye liner on my eyes all by myself yay!  I also love that this liquid liner is so affordable, for only Php 198 you got yourself a really good liquid liner. The packaging is quite cute too and this is Etude House's trademark, cute packaging. This liquid liner comes with it's own brush and I love the brush and handle of it. It makes it easier to use. Here is the picture of the brush
Sorry for the crappy image waa the light is not good
I also love the color of the liner, it is not really gray, it is more like of a greyish black and I love it!  The color is well pigmented but it has some glitters in it which I don't like.  Good thing the glitters in it are not that shiny so it will do haha  but what is more amazing about this product is it is smudge proof  but not waterproof. I am the one who has sensitive eyes sometimes it tends to be watery that it will ruin my eye liner makeup there are also times that I will rub my eyes so good thing that this liner doesn't smudge. Based on my experience this liner is not for someone who have really sensitive eyes because it might irritate your eyes and you have to be really careful in using this. One time I accidentally line my eye with this and it irritate my eye real bad that my eye became watery almost non stop and it really stings  so I learned my lesson to use this liquid liner really carefully that even fall outs shouldn't reach my eyes.Even though that this happened, I still love this liquid liner and because of this I learned how to put eyeliner in my eye line. 

THE PRODUCT: Oh~ M' Eye Line #2
PRICE: Php 198
PLACE: Etude House SM Megamall
WHEN: June 6, 2011
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: affordable, smudge proof and easy to use
WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: It is not waterproof and not for the one with sensitive eyes like me.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I sure recommend this one to first time users of eye liners because it is really easy to use but I don't recommend this one to those who have a REALLY REALLY sensitive eyes. I think that gel liners is recommended for the ones who have sensitive eyes. Will I buy it again? well maybe, I want to try gel liners next.
RATING: I rate it 4/5
THE VERDICT: I really love this liquid liner. It is really affordable and very easy to use. The color of it is good too, not too light not too dark. Overall this is one good liquid liner but I sure wish that it doesn't have those sparkles.

The next product that I am going to review is the Oh~ M' Eye Lash Double up Volume Mascara I love mascaras and during special occasions I don't fail to wear one but during those times, I am not into cosmetics so my Mom is the one who puts mascaras on my eye lashes and of course using her own mascara 
When I was young, lots of people said that I have really good eye lashes. I don't know if that is true haha because I saw some other women who have far more better eye lashes than mine.  So why do I love mascara? I love them because it emphasize my lashes and open up my eyes.  Since that I am getting into makeup now, I decided to buy my own mascara and of course from my favorite brand, Etude House. So presenting my first ever mascara, the Oh~ M' Eye Lash Double up Volume Mascara  I really don't know why I chose this one,it's probably because it is the only one who has an available tester haha 
Anyways moving on in my review.
Sorry I haven't taken a photo of the whole product

This mascara is good for its price just like the liquid liner. It is also well pigmented but it doesn't really give you that blackest black that you want like in the falsies.  So for the first time that I used it, so far I really love it. It doesn't give you that blackest black but it's still give you that well defined eye lashes. By applying 4-5

coats is enough to give color to your lashes   and also to emphasize it the more natural way. It is somewhat smudge proof but not quite haha it still give you that tinsy winsy little smudge but it will do for me haha. I'll show you an image of the swatches later. So far I tried to rub my eyes with mascara on but it didn't give me that "panda eyes" look. I think that this is not waterproof too just like the liquid liner but I haven't tried it yet so I'll confirm you regarding that.  The formula is quite dry which I don't like but it doesn't really bother me but I do hope that it is not that dry. The packaging is really simple, I think this is one of their products who has a simple packaging. The packaging is like of the other ordinary mascaras  but what on I have read on other reviews, the brush of this is called a fiber brush which is great for the ones who have short lashes.Here's a picture of the wand/brush.

Let's have a closer look to it 

 This comes in handy for me because my lower lashes is quite short but I am not a fan of putting mascara on my lower lashes except if I want that "dolly" look  What I also don't like about this product is the product tends to build up at the tip of the brush/wand but it doesn't bother me that much too.

THE PRODUCT: Oh~ M' Eye Lash Double up Volume Mascara
PRICE: Php 198
PLACE: Etude House SM Megamall
WHEN: June 6, 2011
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: It is affordable and gives me a defined eye lashes. The wand is really good too, I didn't have a hard time on putting mascara in my eye lashes since that it is made of fibers.
WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The product is quite dry and it tends to build up at the tip of the wand/brush.
WILL I RECOMMEND IT/ BUY IT AGAIN?: I do recommend this one who are looking for an affordable and good mascara and I will buy this again but will try the other variants of this mascara.
RATING:  I'll give this product a 4/5
THE VERDICT: This is a really good mascara for it's price. But I sure wish that it has a much more cuter and princessy  packaging and a not so dry formula.

Here are the pictures of the swatches of the two products. 

without the eyeliner and mascara

My right eye with eyeliner and mascara

My left eye with eyeliner and mascara

Thanks for your time dollies for reading my review 
There are a lot more reviews coming so stay tuned
Stay beautiful dollies 

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