My visit at Etude House Market! Market! (Day 1 Opening)

4:37 AM

Hello again dollies!
Long time no post eh well I am so sorry about that, I've been busy for the past few days that's why I didn't have a chance to update my blog and make reviews, but I promise that I will make it up with you dollies so just stay tuned! 

Last July 28, 2011, Thursday, I am so happy that it is the opening of Etude House at Market! Market! Knowing that there will be an Etude House at Market! Market! which is really near my place made me so happy! 
Just click on the link below to read about my experiences during the first day.

I promise to make a review dollies if I already have the time. 
Thanks for understanding dollies!
Till next time and stay beautiful! 

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