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Hello again dollies! 

Tony Moly, another cosmetic brand and a sister of Etude House. So what is it about Tony Moly that invades my blog? Tony Moly recently opened their first store here in the Philippines at SM Fairview last April 30, 2011 and today they opened their new store at SM Megamall . I was really after their opening and I am so excited for the past few weeks after learning that they are going to open their next branch at SM Megamall.Too bad that I didn't had a chance to go to their opening waa  . Anyways I hope that I'll have a chance to visit their store soon because I am excited to see their products.

Anyways what is Tony Moly?  Tony Moly is an another Korean cosmetic brand and a sister of Etude House. (My favorite brand) They provide cosmetics to chic,urban, and modern girls out there. If Etude House is pinkish pink in their concept, Tony Moly has black and white as their concept and this refer to the young and urban girls. Based on their website their products are made for all women in the world, who are eligible to be more beautiful.

Based again on their website Tony Moly is a mixture of Tony which means nice and trendy and Moly means included or employed in Japanese. They really choose the right words for their target market haha and I'm really impressed with that. 

I guess that Tony Moly is for the more matured girls because of their concept haha and Etude House is for the younger girls because of their pink and princess like products. 

All in all this two brands are good on its own and will definitely love by the filipino women.

That's all for now dollies till next time! Stay beautiful everyone! 

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