Tony Moly and Etude House visit

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Hello again dollies! 
Sorry for not updating my blog for so long I just got busy for a while since classes already started again bummer Anyways I will have my baon (allowance) again so that's a yay for that haha! I'll have money to buy myself more EH and TM products! 

Anyways going to the main topic...

Last Monday I got the chance to visit SM Megamall again and what made me happy is that I will be able to visit Tony Moly  for the first time yay!  So when we arrived at SM Megamall, I hurriedly went to building A, hoping that my instincts are correct haha and they are right Tony Moly was located where the Etude House store was supposed to be before. When I saw the store I hurriedly took my cellphone out and took a picture of the store haha and here it is.

I am surprised to see that their store signage is really cool. It is a LED signage with changing colors I can see that just by their signage they can really attract a lot of customers. Their store has a modern approach to it  and they really stick to their company vision, to have a modern and urban approach to their customers.  So I entered their store and see that they are already busy even though it is still early haha. I browse their shelf to see lots of cute stuffs. I saw their ever famous peach anti aging hand cream,  their mini berry lip balm,  the latte cappuccino cream scrub, the cute ice cream like ice queen face creams, the cute egg pore silky smooth balm and their other cute and unique products. Since that I don't have enough money at that time I looked for some affordable stuffs that I can buy. I was looking for their nail polishes but it's currently out of stock waa  So I decided to try their facial mask instead. Then I saw a strawberry flavored facial mask so I decided to try that. Like I said before I love strawberries. Then I saw this cute orange colored facial sponge so I took that one too. Then I decided to pay but the SA said that I should try their Pearl facial mask because it is one of their best selling mask and it is really effective in whitening and moisturizing the face. So I decided to try that one as well.  The SA is really nice and we had a little chat about their opening. Too bad I didn't ask for her name, in my next visit I'm sure I'll ask for her name haha anyways here are the stuffs that I bought.
Their packaging is quite similar to Etude House and The Face shop (I  think)
So what's inside the bag.... 

From left to right it's the Essential Mask Sheet Pack in Strawberry, The Tony Moly Facial Sponge, and the Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask in Pearl . Will definitely make a review about these products soon so just stay tuned dollies.

After my trip to Tony Moly I went all the way to building B to visit Etude House. I've been saving up for their Baby Skin Veiling Pact but when I arrived at Etude House they are already out of stock waa Those pact are really fast items since that they are really cute and affordable. So I just decided to buy an eyeliner, mascara and a makeup remover. I really enjoyed staying at Etude House, it is such a nice and cute store  where you will feel that you are at home. So here are what I bought from Etude House 

From left to right it's a free tissue again haha because I reached Php 500 plus The packaging of this tissue is really cute too. The Oh~ M'eye Lash Double Up Volume, Oh~ M' Eye Line #2 (When I arrived home I just realize that I bought the wrong color haha) and the Lip and Eye Remover. I am so happy that I also got a large paper bag haha. I always get their small one so I'm thinking to buy large stuffs so I could get a larger paper bag but I think I don't need to do that haha 

I really had fun today, I bought lots of stuffs and my upcoming review list is becoming LONG  I need to make reviews fast haha. So there you go dollies please stay tuned for my reviews of these lovely products from Etude House and Tony Moly.

Stay beautiful dollies! 

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