Beauty Shop Window Shopping

4:26 AM

Hello again dollies! 

Yesterday me and my family went to SM Mall of Asia. It's been a very long time that I went there haha. So I decided to do a little window shopping and since that I am now interested into beauty products then I checked the beauty stores there haha

The first store that I saw is Marrionaud. It is in the second floor at the main mall. I already saw this store before when I am not still interested in beauty products haha and since that I am now then I decided to check the store haha. This store is just like Rustan's where they sell really expensive (for me haha) but good brand names. I just check on the stuffs that they are selling and went on to my window shopping haha (window shopping makes me happy but shopping makes me REALLY happy haha) The next shop that I saw is the Beauty bar which is located in the second floor as well near the Food Court. I think that they sell good stuffs as well but I am more into asian brands haha so I just window shop at their store (literally) and move on to an another store. I am looking for The Skin Food store and I have no idea that it is near Timezone haha so lucky me, so there I window shop again haha. While I was walking I saw an ad of Laneige and I can't believe that Laneige is also in SM Mall of Asia now. I heard that Laneige is also a korean brand and they have really good products. So I decided to check their store as well. It was located in the second floor and I think it was in southwing. I just passed thru their shop because their products are kinda expensive for me as well haha. After that I saw The Face Shop and decided to go inside and check on what they have. They have really good products as well and kinda affordable too. After that I just decided to go to Watson's to check for some stuffs and I saw the kiosk of Majolica Majorca and I saw a very nice powder casing and I just knew that it is the Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover. The casing was really pretty I can't help myself. The casing is affordable for me. It was Php 450 but the powder refill is the one that is really expensive waa It is Php 895 waa I really need to save a lot because I really want this one! (If I want something even though how much it is I will really save up for it) So I just stare at it and hoping that someday I can buy it or maybe someone will give this to me as a gift haha  So there after that really exhausting window shopping haha I passed by Chewy Junior who sells really yummy cream puffs (currently my favorite) and decided to rest there and eat haha while day dreaming about the Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover.

I had seen lots of beauty stuffs yesterday and I wish that someday I can buy all of it especially the Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover haha

That's all dollies stay beautiful! 

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