Blog Update

7:57 AM

Hey there dolls!

I'm still here breathing! hehehe :)
Once again for the Nth time, so sorry for the lack of post, been busy with lots of stuffs here at home and by the time that I wanted to blog, I'll just realize that I am already too sleepy to do it. Then for a minute or two, I am already snoring real loud. Don't worry dolls, I already have some things in mind to blog about. All I need is to take pictures to go with my post. I am really hoping that you will still have patience to wait for my post. I am still here and love what I am doing. I know that someday, I will already have the time that I needed to do this passion of time.

So what am I up to during the past weeks or maybe months?

I got addicted again on reading Kaila Ocampo's blog The Rainbowholic Me. She is such an inspiration for a very young age and got me all inspired again doing the things that I love. I really adore her blog and the kawaii things she is sharing and most of all, her experiences that inspired readers like me.

When my eyes are already sore in reading, I take a break by watching Say Tioco's Vlogs on youtube which is very interesting and fun to watch. You should check her Youtube channel HERE. I'm sure you are going to love this fine lady. I've been a fan of her when she is just starting on blogging and making makeup tutorials on Youtube. Watching her grow is also an inspiration to me. It's like I became a part of her success. She already accomplished a lot of things and I bet she is still up for more challenges that will come her way. 

Another thing that got me busy is experimenting with my blog layout. I wanted my blog to look as clean  and organize as possible. The only thing that prevents me for accomplishing this is that blogger's new user interface is such a pain! It keeps on getting errors after I have finished re-organizing my blog's layout. I really do hope that blogger will fix these errors. For the meantime, I will just find a way to fix my blog.

So that's it for now my dear dolls. I just thought that I should make a blog update just to let you know that I am still here. :)

See you all on my next blog post and I am really hoping that I can get much interaction here with you guys. I want this blog to be interactive as much as possible and I would love to get to know my readers and what you like to see in this blog of mine. So I am crossing my fingers and waiting for your comments. :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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