November and December Favorites!

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Hello there my dear dolls!
Happy New Year!
Time sure flies really fast and before you know it, it's already 2015!

So let's start the year with a bang and let me share with you my November and December Favorites.
Speaking of favorites why won't I make a 2014 favorites as well? What do you think dolls? Please let me know in the comment box below if that was a good idea ok? :) I'll be waiting.

I haven't got much of my favorites during the month of November that's why I thought of combining the two months to make my post more interesting. ;)

So for the first favorite during the month of November is. *drum roll please ;)*

The Arizona Greentea with Ginseng and Honey!

This is one of the yummiest flavored tea that I have ever tasted. It was love at first sip and I just couldn't stop drinking this. Due to my addiction and ask my mom to buy me a bigger bottle of it. :)
I just love how refreshing this drink is and the fact that it is a greentea and with ginseng, this would be great for the health as well. :)

My next November favorite is served at my favorite convenience store which is Family Mart. I really love this store! 

Blueberry Cheesecake


It is their holiday flavor and it is their Pistachio and Blueberry flavor.
This cold sweets taste so awesome I really love both of the flavors. You can really taste the pistachio and blueberry in it with just right amount of sweetness. To be honest I am craving for these ice creams now while writing this hehehe. :)

So let's get on to my December favorites shall we? :)

The first candidate are my beanies!

I've been collecting really unique designs of beanies just so I would be different from the others and this season would be a great opportunity to flaunt on these lovelies. I just love how simply it makes any outfit cuter and the fact that it can conceal bad hair days is definitely a winner! :)

Next would be a beauty product which is the Tony Moly Tint in 01.

I already ran out of my favorite tint and this one is my backup. To be honest I didn't like this one as much as I love my Etude House tint but the more you use this Tony Moly tint, that better it will become and so I already fell in love with it as well. I love that it is in a liquid form which makes it easier to spread on the skin. The downside is that, the product keeps on leaking from it's bottle especially on the opening no matter how careful am I when using it. But still it is a great product for giving me a hint of color to my face.

Next favorite is a nail product which is the Etude House Play Nails in G#108.

I've been loving golds during this past Christmas season and this gold nail polish is just prefect! :)
It is just so pretty that I kept looking on my nails when I've put this thing on. I love the different size of the glitters in it and the way they sparkle is just truly fantastic. :)

The Christmas season wouldn't be complete without the yummy food, so here are my favorites during the month of December.

I've been craving for macarons lately and decided to eat as many macarons as I can from different brands. I just love this little sweet and makes my day just by simply taking a bite from these delicious macarons. Whoever made them is really a genius I wanna thank you with a big hug hehehe. :)

My next foodie favorite is J.Co's Alcapone Donut. Yeah I know I've been pretty late with the hype of these's donuts but it is better late than never. You can't blame me, I am just a type of person who hates really long lines. ;P Anyways, out of J.Co's donuts, the Alcapone one is my personal favorite. I really love the milky icing on it and the thinly sliced almond nuts makes the donut crunchier.

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So let's save the best for last and this has been my ultimate addiction.

It's the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino!

This drink is part of their holiday collection and this is my ultimate favorite out of the three.
I just love the cool peppermint-y feeling that it gives and I just want to drink and drink this. I will keep on ordering this until their promo is over, I just love this to bits!

I also got my Starbucks planner as well which is also my favorite.

So there you have it my dolls, my November and December favorites. What do you think of them? Do you have any recommendations especially for the drinks and food? Please let me know! :)

Take Care and always stay pretty!

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