Kawaii Haul #5

8:32 AM

Hello hello my dear dolls!
I'm back to share with you my kawaii finds!

So sorry I got the number wrong here in the photo :p
Read on to find out! ;)

I've been obsessed with kawaii stuffs for as long as I can remember and seeing these kawaii stuffs when I go shopping makes my wallet cry. So here are the things that I got! :)

A pink chair! How often can you see a pink chair? Me, I don't know so when I saw this lovely I just thought to myself, I need to have this! So my pretty mom got this for me. Hooray! Thanks Mom! :)

Next on my list are kawaii clothes that has cats all over it! Why are cats are extremely cute?

Aren't they adorable? I super love them!

Lastly is this figurine which reminds me a lot of me and my pet dog Rover.

When I saw this I just screamed and payed for it at the cashier. Maybe I should wear something like this and take a picture of myself and my Rover hehehe. :)

So that's it for my Kawaii Haul! There are more kawaii hauls to come so be sure to check out my blog from time to time. I would love to share my kawaii finds with you my lovely dolls! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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