October Favorites!

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Hey dolls I'm back!
So sorry that it took me a while to have another blog post. I've been busy with stuffs lately and been into a vacation as well during the holidays here in the Philippines which we call "undas" or the day of the souls and saints. Will be blogging about our mini trip with my family on my next post so please stay tuned on that!

Anyways, today's post is my favorites for the month of October! :)

Read on to find out what are they! :)
I can't believe that I am saying this but for the first time in my 20's, I've been hooked again in a band! This is not a boy band mind you my dear dolls, they are a punk/rock band and they are called 5 Seconds of Summer! I just love them so much and been obsessed with them for quite some time especially to the apple of my eyes which is Calum Hood! hehehe

Enough with my fangirling, I've been listening to their songs for quite some time now and my personal favorites would be She Looks So Perfect, Amnesia, Heartbreak Girl, Don't Stop and their new release which is Good Girls!

Oh did I mention that I've been watching their videos non stop as well? Yes! I am really obsessed and I can say that I am officially a 5SOS girl! :)

Next on my October favorites would be some fashion items.

The first thing on my list is my current favorite footwear which is the Follie Slip On sneakers that I got from Metro Market! Market! Ever since that I bought them for an affordable price, I've been wearing them non stop because first of all it's very comfortable, second is that it is easy to wear and lastly, it is just too cute and looks so casual. :)

So sorry it's quite dirty now ;P

My second favorite would be the so called square pants. Square pants has been quite a trend here in the Philippines lately so I got myself a pair and regretted that I didn't get a lot more pairs! They are the most comfortable pants that I have ever worn! It feels like pajamas and at the same time fashionable, so I promised myself that I would definitely get a lot more pairs! :)

Wearing the squarepants hehehe

Lastly on my fashion favorites would be the ponytail-bracelet thingy. (So sorry I don't know what it's actually called)

I love how functional it is. I can use it to tie my hair and at the same time as an arm candy.

Last favorites would be on the food genre.

I've been loving these two drinks and been drinking them nonstop.

Here we have the Florida's No Pulp Orange Juice and the Del Monte Acai Blueberry Juice.
I love that they are not too sweet nor too sour so I just love drinking them especially with ice and it is also good for the body as well. :)

By the way I have a favorite app as well on my android phone. This is a game application and it's called Dream House Days by Kairosoft. In this game you will be a landlord or in my case landlady, and your goal is to be the best apartment rental in the city. :)

The 3:35 in my time is actually 3:35 in the morning, That's how addicted I am! :p

This game is the reason why I stayed up for almost 24 hours during the month of October. I just love this kind of games and totally in love with the pixelated graphics.I find these types of games cute and adorable :) If you love time management and decision making games, might as well give this game a try. 

So there you have it my dear dolls!
What do you think of my October Favorites? Do you have your favorites as well? Please do share! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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