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Product Review: Etude House Look at My Nails in COR201

8:16 AM

Hello my dear dolls I'm back!

I know that I said that line for the nth time and once again I do want to apologize for the lack of blog post. :( You all know that it's the start of the "busy" season so that's the reason for the lack of post. :p Anyways I will till do my best to catch up with you my dear dolls and make blog post as much as I can. :)

So for today's post is a product review! Actually it's not really a review since that I already reviewed this product a bunch of times. hehehe So this would be more of a swatch review. Presenting, one of Etude House's product line which is the Look at My Nails nail polishes.

Read on to find out about this nail polish. :)

This product is the Look at My Nails line in COR201. I believe that the Look at My Nails line are still available in Etude House boutiques and if I am not mistaken this product is still around 58 pesos. Please correct me if I'm wrong my dear dolls since that this product has been in my stashed for a very long time now and completely forgot to do a swatch post so silly of me. :p Anyways, this product comes in a different packaging now. Not that princess-y but still looks cute and simple which I love. I also love the little scribbles at the bottle and the Etude House logo which is engraved at the top part of the cap. 

The product itself is still the same with the other Etude House nail polishes so there's nothing really special about this. Once again if you want a detailed review about Etude House's nail polishes, you can't check out my blog post HERE.

Now it's time for the swatches. :)

So sorry for my poor nail painting skills :P

I really love the peachy to coral color and it makes my hands look whiter which I love. :) I find it really girly as well. So if you are looking for other girly colors for your nails, you can give this color  try. :)

So what do you think of this nail polish? Did you love it? Feel free to comment below! :)

Take care and always stay pretty!


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