OOTD with Lora-chan

3:29 AM

Hey dolls what's up?
I am thinking of ways to make my blog interesting and I have decided why not post my random OOTDs? I believe that would be fun and also I am hoping that some of my OOTDs can inspire you somehow. :)

So OOTDs will now be a part of my blog so stay tuned for my random OOTDs. :)

To give you a headstart on what are my style, I am more of a casual chic that is into cute fashion as well. There are times that I like to be girly so expect me to be wearing skirt and dresses. :) I love skirts because they can be cute yet chic but my staple in my wardrobe will be shorts because they are just comfortable and go with anything. From shirts,tank tops, a chic blouse or a cute shirt, shorts would look great with it. What I hate would be leggings,jegging,pants and anything that is similar to them because I feel really hot and itchy because of the humid weather here in the Philippines. But you know there are sometimes that requires you wearing pants and the like so I got a few pieces here that are very comfortable.

For my feet, I love sneakers! They are the most comfortable footwears ever invented. Be it low cut or high cut, I just love them. What I love most about sneakers is that they can be very versatile as well. They can be worn casual,edgy and chic. I have some few doll shoes/flats as well if I am in the mood of being girly and formal. High heels are fine but I just wear them if I am required to do so. What I hate is sandals and anything similar to it most eapecially those open flat sandals. I don't know, I just hate them and it is not my style. Slippers/flit flops are ok especially if I am just doing some errands.

For accessories, most of the time I only wore a necklace with a cross pendant that my mother gave me, a simple pair of heart earrings that my mom gave as well, a watch which I love also. I got a few collection of watches that would fit a certain occassion like I have a collection of sporty watches and those that have metal straps in it if I need to go somewhere formal or I am just in a mood to be girly and classy. Last but not the least is my staple which is a charriol type bangle that I really love because it can go with anything as well. If I am in the mood to be dressy, I got some few pieces of fashion necklaces,rings and earrings.

So there, just an idea of my sytle and what will you expect on my OOTDs. :)
If I am missing something just let me know in the comments below and I would be grateful to give a reply. :)

So that's it my dear dolls. Hope that you can stay tuned and will love my new portion in my blog.

Take care and always stay pretty! :)

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