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Kawaii finds:Hello Kitty Lock & Lock products

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Hello dolls!
It's me again! :) Raise your hands if you love Hello Kitty! :)

I am really obssesed with Hello Kitty. She is every girls favorite because she is almost perfect. A cat,has a bow and pink theme, Hello Kitty is a character every girl could ask for. I've been collecting Hello Kitty products since I was a child and my collection is not that really big but still I love them. :) (comment below if you want to see an update of my Hello Kitty collection.)

Enough with the introduction and let's get to the highlights. ;) *wink*

I will have another portion in this blog of mine entitled "Kawaii Finds" :) In this portion,I will be showing some Kawaii (cute) stuffs around the metro! I do hope that you will love this portion and find it helpful. :)

To start of my Kawaii Finds portion, I was just strolling around Glorietta when I saw these.

Yap they are food keepers,tumblers and storage boxes and a huge yes they are Hello Kitty! I was so thrilled when I saw these pink and kawaii stuff that I just need to take a picture of them! :) These products are from the popular Lock & Lock that is known for their excellent quality of food keepers and the like. I am just happy that they have collaborated with Sanrio, thus producing these kawaii Hello Kitty products. I'll definitely get my hands on these soon. ;)

Do you love Hello Kitty? What do you think of this kawaii food keepers? Share it with us!

Take care and always stay pretty! ;)


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